Young male medically evacuated from Sea Watch 3

Credit: Sea Watch

Sea Watch has told its followers on social media that a young man had to be medically evacuated from the Sea Watch 3 overnight.

The migrant rescue NGO said that the young migrant whom was among those rescued over a week ago by the Sea Watch 3, that had to be medically evacuated to Italy with the cooperation of the Italian Coastguard.

This is the 11th medical evacuation to take place from the vessel after 10 people were conveyed to the Italian authorities after a medical check of those rescued took place last Saturday.  This leaves 43 rescued migrants on board, among them 3 unaccompanied minors.

The organisation thanks the Italian authorities for their ‘good cooperation’ while reiterating that the, ‘charade needs to end before something even worse happens’

Hallo EU! Wir hoffen, ihr hattet eine gute Nacht. Die Menschen auf der Sea-Watch 3 hatten es nicht. Ein junger Mann…

Posted by Sea-Watch on Saturday, June 22, 2019

It has been 10 days since Sea Watch 3 had rescued 52 asylum seekers from a dinghy in distress, about 47 miles off Zawiya, Libya. The asylum seekers were brought to safety on board the NGO’s vessel Sea Watch 3 on Wednesday.

52 asylum seekers rescued by Sea Watch

Sea Watch denies Italian media claims that it is heading to Malta

On Twitter, Sea Watch said that the dinghy was first spotted at 9.53am by Colibri an aircraft operated by Pilotes Volontaires, a French NGO providing aerial observational support to NGOs which conduct rescue operations in the Mediterranean sea.

While the vessel awaits a safe port of disembarkation, there had been quashed rumours spread by the Italian media that those rescued would be taken to Malta. Sea Watch denied these claims.