Wildlife Rehabilition Centre to be opened within Xrobb l-Għaġin Park

Credit: Jeremy Wonnacott

A Wildlife Rehabilition Centre is to be opened within Xrobb l-Għaġin Park following a €2 million investment launched by Nature Trust, Minister for Environment José Herrera and Parliamentary Secretary for European Funds Aaron Farrugia.

Minister Herrera explained that this centre will be responsible for the rehabilitation of wild species such as turtles, hedgehogs, snakes, bats and birds. After rehabilitation, if possible, they are released back in their natural habitat. He said that this project will offer visitors a unique attraction park and a creative and educational experience throughout the year.

It was explained that this project was brought forward by Nature Trust and will be done in collaboration with his ministry. Herrera stated that they were aware of the need to have a centre where they can rehabilitate wildlife species and thus the area within the park is suitable to be transformed into a Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. This centre will be managed by Nature Trust.

Parliamentary Secretary for European Funds Aaron Farrugia said that due to a number of factors, ranging from human activity to climate change, Maltese and European wildlife species are increasingly in danger. He explained that few places in the world have such a unique patchwork for habitats, wildlife, and cultural landscapes in such a small area. He added that he will remain focused on working with both the ministry and environmental entities to make use of the upcoming European Union (EU) budget for an ecological transition in the country. 80% of this project was funded by the EU.

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