We want to be considered professional equals with Periti – MCAST graduates

Over 60 MCAST Construction Engineering graduates have called for the role of ‘Site Manager’ to be given professionally equal recognition .

The group which states itself to made up of graduated or soon-to-be graduated students of the MCAST course, believes that the public perception of their training and expertise is not as reputed as that of the Perit.

Thus their skills and experience still lacks recognition in the construction industry compared to those who pursued a career as a Perit.

‘Through the years, graduates and alumni have often experienced or are still experiencing a lack of recognition of skills by the wide spectrum of trades in the construction industry. We often get the feeling that even for the general public, if you are not a Perit, you are an inferior grade role while we all know that for the industry to operate, it needs a spectrum of professional roles in charge of different activities and baring varying responsibilities,’ they state.

The writers raised their points in relation to the current discussions over the government’s Legal Notice entitled ‘Avoidance of Damage to Third Party Property Regulations’.

‘A manager needs to be on-site for all key decisions’ – construction consultation

The Legal Notice which outlines draft amendments on construction practices also discusses the role of ‘Site Manager.’ They state although the role does not require a breadth of knowledge in architecture but does requires more of a mix of managerial and technical background.

However, they state that the role is ‘merely defined as a second in the industry,’ one that holds liability rather than being considered a professional equal, ‘that works hand in hand with the Perit to deliver the project safely and within a mitigated risk environment.’

They add that the role of ‘Site Manager’ should instead be considered as a professionalised role with strong structural awareness and site competence.

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‘We feel that it cannot be treated or associated to a skilled tradesperson but a true professional which is highly skilled in understanding structural designs, structural risks on site, subsoil investigations, site logistics and management, excavation practices, problem solving, concrete and masonry works, third party liabilities and many other activities which are required on a normal site,’ they state.

Concluding, the 66 MCAST graduates say that they, ‘demand that our skills are truly recognised through a state warrant which thoroughly requires high qualifications and competence, regulated through a review board to grant the status of a professional in line to fulfil the site manager role.’