Watch: ‘We are working towards a solution with MUT’ – Bartolo

Education Minister Evarist Bartolo said that his Ministry and the Malta Union of Teachers (MUT) are working towards reaching an agreement in order to resolve the issue regarding teachers for Mathematics and Maltese.

Bartolo was replying to media questions by when he was asked whether an agreement will be finalized prior to the next scholastic year. Over the last months there were many issues regarding the teacher’s workload, leading the MUT to issue directives to its members. The directives included not setting and not correcting exam papers in both subjects.

The exam papers for Maltese and Mathematics were set by a ‘competent’ persons appointed by the Ministry for this term, after the directives came into effect. The same unnamed ‘competent’ persons will correct the exam papers.

The Education Minister told that there are ongoing discussions with MUT to resolve the issue so that the least amount of teachers will have the maximum workload as stipulated by the agreement. According to the agreement signed with the Union, a teacher cannot have more than 25 lessons a week.

Video: Miguela Xuereb