Watch: “We are not a jungle” – Agius Saliba PL MEP

PL Member of the European Parliament Alex Agius Saliba said that it is not fair for the European Commission to pick on one or two countries as if they are under the rule of the jungle instead of the rule of law. For Agius Malta was one of these countries so depicted by the EU.

He said that this attitude is not fair. Agius Saliba attributed political motivation to those who push such agendas. For him this is the result of the political rivalry between different political groupings.

Aguis Saliba was answering questions by’s journalist Christoph Schwaiger who was covering the opening session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France.

He said that while the Partit Laburista is open to implement recommendations if the process that led to the recommendations is just and open.

The Labour Party MEP said that Malta is also ready to welcome delegations sent by the European Parliament to review the state of the rule of law in our country. The MEP added that PL is in favour of such exercises respect for the rule of law is one of the EU’s foundations of the Union.

When last year the Prime Minister Joseph Muscat questioned by The Times of Malta whether he will take any action against the Chief of Staff Keith Schembri and Minister Konrad Mizzi, he said that it is Government which takes decisions.

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Positive experience

Aguis Saliba told that up till now, his experience as an MEP has been very positive.

He said that during the last few weeks MEPs were integrating themselves in their respective political party. Agius Saliba, together with the other PL MEPs, forms part of the Socialist and Democratic Group (S&D).

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During the first session of the EU Parliament Ursula von der Leyen member of the European People’s Party was elected by the MEPs to serve as the next President of the European Commission.

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