Watch: “She always loved the camera”

Francesca Rausi’s mother Michelle told that her daughter was born loving the camera, and that is what led the girl to want to become a model.

Francesca is an energetic and gorgeous three-year-old who has Down Syndrome.

Michelle Rausi added that as soon as Francesca expressed the wish to model, she was immediately given the opportunity to do so by Ivan Gaffiero and Sue Rossi.

Rausi added that one of the main reasons why she encouraged her daughter to model is to be living proof that children with different abilities are able to do the same things just the same as other children, and that the stigma is much less than it used to be.

Michelle continued saying that abroad, integration had become the norm whilst in Malta things are slightly lagging behind; maybe also due to the fact that parents could be more protective. She urged parents to stay resilient as children are capable of doing more that they (the parents) think.

Next Sunday, Francesca will be participating in a competition organised by Gaffiero Productions. She will be the youngest model in the show. We are sure that she will steal everybody’s heart with her beauty and joie-de vivre. Televoting is currently active on 50 614 214.