Updated: Watch: Pembroke fire under control

Newsbook.com.mt has been informed that a grass fire which caused school children from nearby St. Michael’s in Pembroke to be evacuated, has been controlled.

A police spokesperson explained that the decision to evacuate had been given after it was discovered that the fire was heading closer towards the local sports grounds.

They also explained that this had in fact been a second fire which CPD had responded to, the first involving two cars and a boat not too far away. Once the first had been contained, CPD responded to the second.

First response

Posted by Joe Cacciottolo on Wednesday, August 7, 2019

A police spokesperson confirmed the incident to Newsbook.com.mt that the school had been evacuated and that no-one had been hurt in the incident.

From information collected by Newsbook.com.mt at the scene, it appears that the fire started in grass close to the school. The fire continued to spread, eventually igniting a car close by. The black smoke could be seen from a distance.

This newsroom is also informed that are at least five fire engines on the ground.

The incident follows a similar one which took place yesterday in Pembroke, close to the military barracks.