Watch: Walking the walk – Bishop Galea-Curmi, one year on

I still walk, I have been walking for a year in these shoes. This was the opening reflection made by Bishop Galea-Curmi in the occasion of his first anniversary since his consecration.

In his homily Bishop Galea-Curmi said that life is a journey and his daily walk is a sober reflection of spiritual life. The difficulties and obstacles encountered while taking his constitutional, he said, mirror the difficulties which are encountered in daily life. He refelcted on the various people he meets on these daily rounds: children, expectant mothers, the elderly. He expressed the hope that all these find the open arms of the church ready to provide help and sustenance. Bishop Galea-Curmi re-iterated his commitment to protecting life and thanked his parishioners for the help and understanding he had received throughout the year.

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Mgr. Galea-Curmi is the ninth Auxiliary Bishop of Malta. Apart from being the Archbishop’s main consultant, he is also responsible of Malta’s Archdiocese’s pastoral and administrative needs.

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