Watch: ‘No need to ask for a vote of confidence’ – Delia

Partit Nazzjonalista leader Adrian Delia said that there is no need to ask for a vote of confidence at the General Council, saying that the Party needs to look forward.

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Speaking to in Brussels, Delia reacted to the reports in which sources were cited saying that various MPs urged the embattled leader to take the test. Delia reiterated that the party’s paid-up members had given him a mandate until the upcoming general election.

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Delia was elected with 7,734 votes while MP Chris Said had gained 6,932 votes during the last round in the PN’s leadership race. A total of 19,350 paid-up members were eligible to vote however 3,849 paid members did not pick up their vote meaning that 15,501 were able to vote. Delia has repeatedly said that he will not be seeking a vote of confidence within the party structures and cited the paid members support mandate.

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The Nationalist leader spoke about the proposals he put forward to the parliamentary group which according to him should serve as a framework. One of the proposals includes a parliamentary group meeting every fortnight, which used to meet every week in the last legislature.

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When asked when will decisions be taken, Delia said that the process requires time. Further he added that nothing has changed over the last three weeks,  as internal discussions are still ongoing. He explained that change will come slowly.