Watch: Justice served as regards exploited workers; company paid dues

A company had to pay the difference to its employees in precarious work. Foundation for Social Welfare Services CEO Alfred Grixti told that a company was made to the difference in wages after it was found that some Indian employees were receiving a meagre wage.

This was one of the many cases of racism on the islands. Another case was when an employee for Ghana was made to lie by his boss after he fell from three storeys.

During radio programme Follow-up on RTK 103FM, UĦM Voice of the Workers Chief Executive Officer Josef Vella referred to a case of a worker who was paid €1 an hour and which was brought up during a business breakfast organised by Partit Laburista for which party leader and Prime Minister Joseph Muscat was in attendance.

Grixti stated with he was misquoted because he had stated €5 and not €1 per hour. The case has since been followed up by the Department of Industrial and Employment Relations after communicating with the employer.

Vella said that to make things worse, the money was being sent directly to the company in India rather than given to the Indian employees themselves.

Ghanaian construction worker forced to lie about cause of injuries 

During Follow-Up on RTK 103FM, Director of the Foundation for Shelter and Support to Migrants Dr Ahmed Bugre, recounted the story of a Ghanaian national who had been working on a construction site in Buġibba when he fell three storeys.

His employer had forced him to lie about the cause of his injuries when he was hospitalized, saying that he was involved in a car accident instead.

The man had felt more comfortable opening up to Bugre about the true cause of the injuries the migrant worker had sustained.

The Ghanaian national as a result has to pay a total of €5,000 in hospital fees and lost his job.