Watch: ‘I built a church without any money’

Fr Karm Mifsud has spent most of his life as a missionary. Recently he was present for a meeting with Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Galea Curmi during which missionaries that were in Malta met at Dar l-Emigrant in Valletta.

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Fr Karm Mifsud recalled how he had volunteered to be sent to Brazil, as at the time there were 21 priests at Żejtun parish. He has only recently returned to Malta where he retired and is living at the home for the clergy.

The 88-year-old priest spent seven years in the state of Paraná, Brazil, before moving to America where he spent fifty years. He explained that at the time he was sent to Brazil, the country was much less developed than it is today. He recalled how he was given a house which had no electricity or running water. He stressed that the material poverty was tangible with only five individuals having a car.

Fr Karm described the people he met as very ‘cooperative’ who would ‘give you their heart’. He stated that he was happy there however material poverty was tangible. Despite the poverty however along with the local community he still managed to build a church.

Fr Karm recalled the time he had visited Brazil years later, describing the country as paradise.