Watch: How to beat the Maltese heat

What to do when the heat is on in Malta?

Well, this enterprising individual found the perfect solution. After filling up the back of his work-van with cool water, donning a pair of blue trunks and a red swimming cap, and using the forklift to elevate him, local man Luke Lyttleton executed a well-timed dive into his small makeshift swimming pool. All to the strains of Vangelis’ Chariots of Fire, of course.

Comments from Lyttleton’s Facebook friends ranged from wondering what his employees thought of him (the general consensus being that it must be must be a blast working for him) to calling him a “legend” and “mad” to giving him ‘ten points’ for execution (“composed, technical, graceful”) and even giving him the accolade of “Funniest Maltese Man Ever”.

And don’t worry – no water was wasted; in his Facebook post, Lyttleton stated that the water was procured from a well which was returned when his ‘stunt’ was over. Also, he added: “no vans were harmed in the making of this video”.