Watch: Francesca wins three prizes in modelling competition

Three-year-old Francesca Rausi, has won three prizes during a modelling competition on Sunday.

The little model, who steals the heart of all those that get to know her, has won the Little Cute Model prize, received the most tele votes and won overall second prize in the general competition that was organised by Ivan Gaffiero.

During an interview with, Michelle Rausi, Francesca’s mother, had said that the little girl had always showed love towards the camera. She explained that the love for the camera is what pushed Francesca to start modelling notwithstanding the fact that she has down syndrome.

Watch: “She always loved the camera”

Right after the results were announced, Michelle Rausi, Francesca’s mother thanked Ivan Gaffiero for the opportunity and all those that have shown their support and have voted for Francesca as such gestures show that stigma towards people with Down Syndrome are diminishing.