Watch: “After her birth, doctors informed me Katrina would have down syndrome” – mother

Sandra Borg told that shortly after her daughter’s birth, the doctors informed her that her daughter, Katrina, had Down Syndrome. Borg explained that although no one would be expecting this shocking news, one would always need to try to evaluate the situation and look towards the future.

The mother of the two-year-old girl added that once the hospital realises that there is a baby with a disability, they immediately send support and explain the different kind of services which are available.

Borg said that her life changed since her daughter was born. However, she said it was simply the result of having a child, not due to her having Down Syndrome.

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“Katrina brought lots of joy and laughter, while also changing everyone’s perspective”

Borg said that Katrina has brought lots of joy and laughter to the family, while also changing everyone’s perspective. She also described Katrina’s arrival as being the same as in any other family, which includes times where she doesn’t sleep at night and times where she wouldn’t want to eat.

“One cannot expect to see immediate results”

Being an academic, Borg explained that she likes to focus on her career. However, she says that one you have a child, especially with Down Syndrome, one needs to shift and adjust. Some children will get different results and will do so in different times than other students who are their age. She insisted that one cannot expect to see results immediately.

However, the mother concluded by saying that despite every challenge, the journey will bring loads of satisfaction and joy.

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