Watch: “Delia is not the problem” – Ivan Bartolo

Ivan Bartolo said that there are no internal discussions amongst those that do not agree with the current PN leadership

Partit Nazzjonalista (PN) Executive Committee member Ivan Bartolo said that the problem is not Adrian Delia but those around him.

Bartolo who was one of the first to sign the petition asking for the leader of the PN to carry political responsibility was talking during the programme Newsline which was transmitted on Saturday on RTK 103FM. Fr Joe Borg who led the radio programme read out a message sent by Thomas De Martino who could not attend to the programme. De Martino is one of a group of persons that are collecting signatures from the PN members asking Adrian Delia not to resign.

From his end Bartolo added that he had supported Adrian Delia from the September 2017 leadership election until three weeks ago. When asked why he (Bartolo) stopped supporting Delia, the PN executive Committee member replied that the pledged New Way was not materialising, and things remained the same as before within the party.

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During the same radio programme, Ivan Bartolo added sternly that there is no internal discussion amongst those that are opposing to Adrian Delia at the helm of the party. He said that Adrian Delia could have chosen people who were professionals and could provide him with constructive cricism on the way forward for the party.

Touching on the financial aspect of the party, Bartolo said that the discussion should not have been focused on the debts but on the party’s assets which include the brand image and its members. He added that Delia had approved his strategy however others had objected.

When asked on why he decided to sign the petition for Delia’s resignation, Bartolo replied that there was the need for a strong message to attract the attention of all the stakeholders. He added that things are moving as there are two opposing petitions and Delia has also spoken to the Councillors of the part.

Meanwhile, the President of the General Council, Kristy Debono said that some of the people that signed the petition are not PN members for various reasons and will call for a General Council meeting. A date has still not been communicated. The two PN deputy leaders, David Agius and Robert Arrigo had been quoted saying that discussion on such will be taking place in the next Executive committee’s meeting which is planned for Thursday, which will also has an internal election on the agenda.

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