Wake up from this slumber – Bishop Mario Grech

Bishop Mario Grech (inset) on a background of the 'Dormition of The Blessed Virgin' by El Greco

Bishop Mario Grech took inspiration from the Greek Orthodox nomenclature of the feast of the Assumption. In the Orthodox tradition the feast is called the Dormitio Theotokos or the Sleep of the Mother of God. Sleep, he said, can be very deep and can even lead to sonambulism where a person acts without having knowledge of his actions. “I would like us all to pray so that the Church awakens from ‘sleep’” exhorted Mgr Grech.

Bishop Grech said that in this feast of the Assumption, he would like to prod into consciousness the faithful. He said that all need to open their eyes and become conscious of the change and turmoil in society. “We cannot behave as if nothing is happening around us. We are so profoundly asleep that when we will, eventually, awaken, we shall realise that the world has changed and that we have been left behind” warned the Bishop of Gozo.

A Church that slumbers

The Blessed Virgin, said Bishop Grech, is a model for the Catholic Church. “The Church is not here to ensure a ‘belonging’ to any group, some platform where one can safely throw jibes at another, or some sort of cultural agency. It is here to propagate the word of God and when this does not happen, the Church is dead. It is truly a pity that the Church sometimes is overtaken by a profund slumber which makes her forget the beauty of the mission which God entrusted her with” said Bishop Grech.

Mgr Grech said that embracing the Blessed Virgin will awaken people from spiritual slumber, adding that this was one of the main reasons for declaring this year to be a Marian Year in the Diocese. He said that this will help families who are debilitated by the grinding wheels of society. “I would wish that in turning to the Blessed Virgin, our faith will not be so fragile, so ephemeral as to make little or no difference in the world we live in” concluded Bishop Grech.