Veru li l-ilma tal-vit huwa aħjar minn tal-flixkun?

Isaac Sam Camilleri, tifel li jattendi l-iskola St. Albert the Great College ġewwa l-Belt Valletta, jixtieq iqajjem kuxjenza dwar il-konsum tal-ilma. 
Aqra l-artiklu kollu ta' Isaac hawn:
At our school a major problem occurred when we were researching plastic bottle consumption around Europe with around 109.9 liters per capita.
We conducted an internal survey to see the consumption of plastic bottles in my class. The students where asked what type of water they drink with 78.57% drinking bottled water, 14.29% reverse osmosis water and 7.14% tap water.
We asked how frequently people drink tap water and the results showed that 7.14% drink tap water every day, 32.14% drink tap water sometimes and 60.71% never drink tap water.
The final question asked whether tap water is good for your health the answer was 50% yes and 50% no. I asked them to describe why they thought that it is not good for your health. The common answer is was that it is not filtered enough or not as much as tap water companies are.
I conducted a research to respond to the reasons why tap water is not good for your health. Tap water in Malta is filtered in Cirkewwa which filters 18,600,000 liters per day, Pembroke, which filters 54,000,000 liters per day and Għar Lapsi which filters 24,000,000 liters per day. All of which produces around 96,600,000 liters per day. The water is filtered so it is good for drinking.
Another question is that drinking water is not good for your teeth. From a research that I carried out we actually need tap water in our daily routine.
The general impression is that bottled water is treated more than tap water but in fact bottled water could be just tap water in a bottle.
The notion that tap water has Lead is not true because tap water is tested5. If at home you find a trace of lead it could be because of old pipes.
Tap water is more environmentally friendly because no packaging is needed. If water bottles are not recycled after use they take various lengths of time to deteriorate, depending on different sources: some start from 1000 years to never at all.
Last September Euronews submitted an article regarding plastic found in tap water but research is still being carried out on it.
Ara artikli oħra ta' Isaac hawn