UĦM calls urgent meeting over milk and fuel prices

With the recent price rises in milk and fuel, the Union Ħaddiema Magħqudin (UĦM) is calling for an urgent meeting with the Malta Council for Social and Economic Development to discuss the implications.

The decision follows Malta’s milk producer increasing the prices of milk last Monday and likewise with the price of diesel and petrol.

While whole milk rose from 86c to 96c, skimmed and 2.5% milk increased 92c and 94c respectively. Fuel on the other hand saw a 5c increase, €1.41 for Petrol and €1.28 for Diesel.

Fresh milk prices on the increase from next Monday

UĦM is encouraging Government to compensate workers following price increases

Petrol costs same as in 2011 but oil barrel price is now 50% less

Unions are concerned about the price rises with the UHM and GWU coming together to request compensation for workers and pensioners who would be affected.

GWU asking for one-off compensation to balance increase in fuel prices

A letter has been sent to MCESD’s chairperson John Bencini from UĦM formally requesting the body to provide greater clarification on how they had arrived at these increases.

A similar statement had previously been made by the MCCAA’s Office for Competition. While the body acknowledged that Benna holds a strong position in the market and has the right to decide pricing for its products, ‘In such a scenario, any price increase cannot be excessive to the detriment of consumers.’

They add that MCCAA had met with Benna last year and stressed that any increases to pricing would mean that they would ‘be requesting details of how the price increase was established. This was further followed up with Malta Dairy Products over the past months.’

Concluding, they state that, ‘The Office will be initiating an investigation to examine whether the actual increase on the price of milk is a result of an abuse from a dominant position in breach of the Competition Act.’

‘The UĦM is hoping that this does not repeat itself because if it does, it would mean that that workers and pensioners will end up receiving compensation in the budget for the year 2021,’ it said.