Watch: PN receives five nominations for three vacant posts

Updated 17.30:

Partit Nazzjonalista accepted nominations for president of its administrative council, president of its executive committee and treasurer until noon on Tuesday. The vacancies opened after three party officials resigned from their posts following the May elections.

PN’s Electoral Commission chairman Richard Muscat confirmed that five individuals have come forward and submitted their nominations for the three vacant posts.

The elections will take place on Thursday 4 July during an executive committee meeting which will be held at PN’s Dar Ċentrali.

Partit Nazzjonalista has received two nominations for its Administrative Council president, from Nationalist MP Carm Mifsud Bonnici and Partit Nazzjonalista’s Forum for Professionals President Graham Bencini.

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Former MP and Administrative Council President David Stellini had resigned after he failed to be elected to the European Parliament to return to his former post in Brussels.

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Bencini confirmed with that he has submitted his nomination, while Mifsud Bonnici said that he could not confirm his nomination because he is away.

An advert which had appeared on Partit Nazzjonalista’s newspaper, the party announced that it was accepting nominations for the post until Tuesday noon. Other posts that are currently vacant within the party is that of President of the Executive Committee and Treasurer.

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Speaking to Muscat confirmed that Charles Selvaggi was nominated for the post of treasurer. Selvaggi currently heads PN’s candidates wing. The treasurer’s post became vacant when David Camilleri quit after becoming embroiled in the controversy over the cooption vote to fill the seat vacated by David Stellini.

He also confirmed that former treasurer Alex Perici Calscione as well as Graziella Schembri Attard Previ have submitted their nomination to fill in the post of president of PN’s executive committee. At present, Attard Previ is the president of PN’s equal opportunities forum. The post of president of the executive committee became vacant after Mark Anthony Sammut resigned following the heavy defeated sustained by the party at local council and EP elections. Sammut had urged those with more responsibility than himself to do so.

Earlier a spokesperson for the party was not available for comments, however Partit Nazzjonalista issued a statement announcing the five nominees for the three vacant posts.