Townsquare project given go-ahead

A 28-storey development expected for Central Sliema, has been given the go-ahead from the Planning Authority.

The Townsquare project is expected to incorporate a, ‘range of sustainable design and green features across the development.’

According to the developers, the building will include 159 apartments, retail, cafes, restaurants, offices and underground parking. The project is also understood to include the restoration of the Villa Drago.

Sliema’s Townsquare to exceed Fort Cambridge in height

They add that the ‘overall footprint’ of the project will include, ‘an open and car-free area, with piazzas [of 7,500 sqm] and a variety of gardens making it the largest pedestrian zone in Sliema’s town centre.’

Townsquare’s CEO Peter Diacono reflected on PA’s decision saying that, ‘we also look forward to playing an active role in the local community and making a positive contribution to Sliema.’