Tourism minister announces agreement with Ghadira deckchair operators

Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi has announced that an agreement has been reached with the Ghadira Deckchair Operators to not take over all the space on the sandy beach.

Minister Mizzi gave out the news over a tweet on Tuesday morning and added that the agreement will be implemented during this week. Last week, Mizzi had asked the Malta Tourism Authority to set up an immediate meeting, which took place on Wednesday.

Konrad Mizzi had said following a number of complaints on the excessive amount of sunbeds set up on the Ghadira sandy beach, he found out that former Minister Jason Azzopardi had given a concession to the deckchair operators to “set us as many umbrellas and deckchairs” on the beach back in 2013. From his end, Jason Azzopardi replied to Mizzi’s comments and added that the Minister is a liar.