Bishop Grech calls on AFM to fight for justice in a desensitised world

Bishop Mario Grech called on the members of the Armed Forces of Malta to take courage and stand up for justice and for what is right. Speaking in a mass celebrated during a pilgrimage held by the AFM to the Marian sanctuary of Ta’ Pinu, Bishop Grech said that soldiers often come face to face with evil, in isolated form or as organised crime.

Evil, said the Bishop of Gozo, can make our lives a misery and our hearts a battlefield as Dostoyevsky observed. When evil takes root in hearts, through weakness or through conscious decision, quality of life is threatened. “The lives of so many innocent people are threatened and society seems to have become desensitised to this suffering” said Mgr Grech. Society seems to prefer to turn its face away to avoid having to deal with the silent wail of those whose human dignity has been defiled.

Referring again to Dostoyevsky’s ‘The Brothers Karamazof’, Bishop Grech said that the author deduced that whoever shuns God feels that all is permissable and so gives in to evil. The members of the AFM, he said administer security and freedom to peoples. They face evil and free those threatened by  it. Often the AFM is on site in precarious situations, keeping law and order, guarding against criminality and guaranteeing security. He quoted Pope Francis who this week said that immigrants are the victims of a society which has thrown them on the rubbish heap.

Bishop Grech said that the work of the AFM is not only difficult. Like Christ’s,it is also frequently met with incomprehension and crass lack of appreciation. He ended his homily by calling on the members of the AFM not to lose heart and keep up the fight for justice.