Sweet potato risotto with truffle oil & fresh bufala

Sweet potato risotto with truffle oil & fresh bufala | Newsbook Recipes

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  1. 1 Onions
  2. 1 cup Barley
  3. 1 (large) Sweet potatoes
  4. 1 cup White wine
  5. 1 Chicken Stock Pot
  6. 1 Mozzarella di Bufala
  7. 1 tbsp Truffle oil


1. I begin by sautéing a large onion in a large pan over medium to high heat. After leaving the barley soak overnight, or at least a couple of hours, I then add the barley, sauté for two minutes with the onion, and then add the sweet potatoes.

2. Keep stirring every other minute. Once the ingredients have started to brown, melt one Chicken Stock Cube in about 500ml of boiling water, and stir to create the stock. Gradually about 3 tbsp every time the mixture dries out, stirring as you go along. When all the stock has been absorbed, gradually, then start adding, also gradually, the dry white wine. Barley takes longer to cooking that arborio (risotto rice), but it’s healthier and gives this risotto a bite if you are not a fan of mushy food. Soaking the barley overnight will help to cook faster. Keep adding liquids (maybe even a half cup of milk) until it cooks and you’re reached the desired texture.

3. Once done, serve immediate with a drizzle of truffle oil (gives it a great kick!) and broken up pieces of the best mozzarella di bufala you can find (drooling!). Enjoy this delicious meal with a glass of dry white wine.

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