Rule of law ‘does not apply’ to Jason Azzopardi – Muscat


The Prime Minister and Leader of Partit Laburista (PL) Joseph Muscat said that it appears that rule of law does not apply to (PN MP) Jason Azzopardi. Muscat was referring to the recent rejection of a Court appeal by Azzopardi in a libel case against the Justice Minister Owen Bonnici.

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“The country needed to show good will”

During a telephone interview on the party station, Muscat was questioned about the immigrants who are expected to enter Malta today after being saved from Sea-Eye’s ship Alan Kurdi. Muscat said that it was common sense that the country needed to show good will especially since the immigrants will not stay in Malta. He said that Government discussed with the German Government so that the immigrants are brought to Malta and then distributed along different member states.

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Initiatives which will modernize the country

Muscat mentioned several projects and initiatives which Government is working on and implementing, including the modernization of the country and the transition to the use of electric cars.

He described how Transport Malta modernized its fleet with 40 new public buses. He added that the next step will be to convert the fleet into electric vehicles. The Leader of PL also mentioned that following a specific date, all cars which are bought need to be electric.