Project by Mediterranean countries aims to reduce waste by tourist influx

Malta is leading the Consumeless Project or Consume Less in the Mediterranean Touristic Communities. The project is a collaboration between Malta, Italy, Albania, Spain and Greece and aims to significantly reduce energy, water and waste generated by tourist influx.

In a statement the Ministry for Energy and Water Management described the project as an “excellent” example of how collaboration between the Mediterranean countries can lead to the development of tools and practices which are specifically adapted to address common challenges.

Minister for Energy and Water Management Joe Mizzi who addressed a conference in Palermo commended the Energy and Water Agency for leading this regional cooperation project which brings together partner organisations. Mizzi added that the project shows how European Union regional funds can be utilised to strengthen collaborative initiatives in the common Mediterranean region.

Minister Mizzi highlighted an important aspect of the project, which focuses on the central-Mediterranean cooperation between public entities from Malta and Sicily, in this case the Energy and Water Agency and the Department for Tourism of the Sicilian Region.