PN MEP David Casa made lead rapporteur for EU’s social fund

Nationalist MEP David Casa has been made the lead rapporteur for the EU’s body supporting educational and employment opportunities for Europeans.

In addition to his new roles as a member of the European Parliament Bureau and Quaestor, Casa will now be responsible for negotiating the European Social Fund + (ESF+)

The ESF+ is understood to provide opportunities for around 10 million Europeans on a yearly basis, helping them to learn new skills and seek better jobs.

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Responding to his new role, Casa said that, ‘the ESF+ is a tool that has huge implications and can deliver incredible results that can positively impact the lives of European citizens – I am confident that I can contribute to improving the way this fund is used.’

The ESF+ is believe to provide greater inclusion and mitigate unemployment which result from economic crises. The fund is also part of the EU’s bigger picture plan for remodeling the European economy.