PN accepting nominations until Tuesday

Monique Agius

Partit Nazzjonalista is accepting nominations for the recently vacated roles of President of the PN’s Executive Council, President of the PN’s Administrative Council and Treasurer.

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This was announced in an advert on Partit Nazzjonalista’s own newspaper, where it advised that nominations are being accepted until Tuesday noon.

The vacancies were created after the EP elections, when David Stellini, Mark Anthony Sammut and David Camilleri resigned.

Stellini resigned from MP and his post as President of the Administrative Council, after he failed to get elected as an MEP. He subsequently returned to his former job in Brussels.

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Former President of the Executive Council, Mark Anthony Sammut resigned during the Executive Committee meeting held after the local council and European Parliament elections. In his resignation, Sammut had urged those who had more responsibility than himself to follow suit.

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Treasurer David Camilleri had resigned after it emerged that he had voted in the internal co-option election, when he held no voting rights. In a Facebook post Camilleri had stated that while he felt that someone should shoulder responsibility for what went on when the vote was taken on the co-option was taken. During the first Executive Committee meeting after the elections, Jean Pierre Debono won by just 2 votes over Kevin Cutajar. Debono later decided not to take up the seat in parliament after controversy ensued on voting irregularities. Debono still holds his title as chief political coordinator.

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Those who would like to throw their names in the hat, should pick up a nomination form from the PN’s secretariat. Electoral Commission chairman Richard Muscat explained that the nomination should be signed by a proponent and a seconder, both of which should be members of the Executive Committee.