Photos of tortured dog on short leash cause international uproar

Ritratt: Denuncia ciudadana Teloloapan/Facebook

Photos of a dog tied up to a window with a leash so short that his front paws don’t even reach the floor have sparked an uproar on many social media platforms worldwide.

The photos were taken in Telploapan, a city in Southwest Mexico. Many enraged animal lovers demanded immediate action.

The dog was being kept dangled on an extremely short chain, which rendered him helpless to properly move around or lay down comfortably. He was on his hind legs throughout the day and was left strangled and choked.

Two weeks ago, a man was spotted abandoning a dog by tying him up to a pole in the sun in Mellieħa and leaving after the nearby dog sanctuary told him they cannot accept the dog due to limited space.

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