PD proposes replacing GDP with Wellbeing Index

Partit Demokratiku has announced that it will push for GDP measures to be replaced with a more holistic and modern measure of human well-being.
Under the proposal, budget planning and policy decisions will be taken after considering the impact on human wellbeing, instead of solely relying on GDP.
“People have become slaves of the GDP,” PD MP Godfrey Farrugia said. “We want to break the link where development is measured solely in terms of economic output and instead focus on a broader index that takes into account investment in education, health, environment and climate protection,” he added.
“New Zealand has managed to reform its policy to focus on human well-being instead of GDP. We want to follow suit,” explained Timothy Alden, adding that, “the World Bank has been pushing for a reform in the way we measure success.”
“This is the kind of Malta we believe in – a place where people and their well-being comes first. This is the future. We invite all those who want real reform to join in the effort to make Malta a better place,” concluded Farrugia.