New Rabat primary school to miss completion deadline due to archaeological find

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The deadline for the completion of Rabat Primary School in Gozo will be missed, after an archaeological remains which date back to the Roman period were found on site.

The Foundation for Tomorrow’s Schools explained that the discovery was made during investigative digging by the Superintendence of Cultural Patrimony as part of the process of archaeological evaluation prior to the development, in a statement on Wednesday.

The plans will be therefore revised in order to protect the remains, FTS said and explained that it is working with the Superintendence on the matter.

FTS added that while the discovery and revision of the blueprints are expected to affect the deadlines for the building of the school, both the Foundation and the Education Ministry are committed so that the building of the school will be completed in the shortest time possible.

The school was meant to open its doors at the beginning of the next scholastic year, which was already two years after the expected date. It is not known when the project will be finished.

The Malta Union of Teachers had criticised the plans, saying that unlike what was being said, the plans showed that the primary school will be an extension of the already existing building which houses the Middle School.

Transport Minister Ian Borg had said that it is not yet known how many parking spots will be lost. While Nationalist MP Chris Said had pointed out that parking spaces will be lost due to the building of a new school.