Mount Carmel’s physical state is the administration’s responsibility – Mental Health Commissioner

Commissioner for Mental Health John Cachia stated that the administration at Mount Carmel Hospital is responsible for the physical condition of the mental health institution.

Cachia was replying to the questions made by following the statement made by the Malta Union of Midwifes and Nurses (MUMN). The union stated that both staff and patients at Mount Carmel Hospital were encountering very bad conditions, with mal-functioning air-conditioners and a number of daily essentials missing from the hospital’s stocks.

The Commissioner added that the law states that patients have to be treated with dignity in a safe and hygienic environment. He continued saying that he had commented on the hospital’s shortcomings in the reports that had issued over the past years.

Cachia insisted that any physical changes at Mount Carmel’s fall under the hospital administration’s responsibility. He also said that no official complaint on the issue has ever reached his office, and that he will be willing to investigate and provide recommendations should a complaint be made.

In the past days, MUMN President Paul Pace explained to that the staff and patients at Mount Carmel Hospital are living in life-size incubators as air conditioning units have been broken for weeks.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson from the Health Ministry told that five air conditioning units have been replaced and one was sent for repair on Tuesday.