Man jailed 2 years for attacking police inspector in court

A man was jailed for two years after physically assaulting a police inspector in court. The incident happened when the man was arraigned on charges related to domestic violence.

The man had physically assaulted prosecuting police inspector Kyle Borg during his arraignment in courtroom 4. The man was subsequently accused of threatening and insulting Inspector Borg, of causing slightly injuries and of ignoring police orders. The man was also accused of relapsing.

Inspector Borg, along with Magistrate Charmaine Galea who had presided over the case over which the man was arraigned took the witness stand. The accused’s father who was the alleged victim, also took the witness stand on 25 July.

Inspector Borg suffered bruises to her arm after the man violently grabbed her and launched into a tirade of insults directed towards her, threatening to kill her, whilst accusing Magistrate Galea of being cruel and not knowing what she was doing. Lawyer Mario Mifsud who happened to be passing from in front of the courtroom intervened as the man was being escorted out of the courtroom and handcuffed.

The accused’s father told the court that the man was suffering from withdrawal symptoms, adding that the Inspector had jumped over a barrier, grabbed the accused by the throat and slammed him against the wall.

His father had said that the accused has tried a number of times of reforming himself, joined River of Love, got a diploma however then he relapsed.

Magistrate Joe Mifsud found the man guilty and sentenced him to imprisonment for two years together with a fine of €5,000. He will also be treated for anger management as well as drug addiction.

“I’m taking you off the streets so you don’t end up in the grave,” said the magistrate, before quoting a poem by Mother Theresa.

Lawyer Michael Tanti Dougall appeared for the accused.