Watch: Maltese scientists develop new cancer prevention technology

Maltese scientists from the University of Malta’s Laboratory of Molecular Oncology
at the Department of Pathology, say they have developed a new way to prevent
and manage cancer.

The results from this research provide knowledge on how to better classify tumors
‘into different sub-groups with unique properties’. It has also allowed for better
analysis of blood cells and blood capsules which are ‘shed’ from the tumor in the
blood. The use of a liquid biospy allows for less invasive testing.

This is also understood to be a more targeted therapy using drugs to pinpoint
specific proteins found in cancer cells and their growth. This is completely different
from chemotherapy because it distinguishes between the healthy cells and those
that are cancerous.

The first product launch will take place in September at the European Congress of
Pathology, CEO of Applied Biotech Ltd., Claudine Spiteri Grech said.

This research was led by Professor Godfrey Grech, and done by Prof.. Christian
Scerri, Dr. Shawn Baldacchino, Jeanesse Scerri, Ala Petersons, Maria Pia Grixti,
Martina Spiteri, together with Mrs Claudine Grech Spiteri.

Funding the project came through the FUSION Fund of the Malta Council for Science
and Technology (MCST).