Malta Film Commission to investigate maltreatment of extras

The Malta Film Commission will be investigating reports of the maltreatment of migrant extras.

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In a statement sent to after it was revealed that migrant extras were left for hours under the scorching sun without water or shade, the Malta Film Commissioner Johann Grech in a statement to said that the Commission will carry out an investigation with the support of other competent authorities to investigate such reports. revealed that migrants were subjected to long hours waiting in the scorching sun without accessibility to food and water, as well as not being given permission to leave the set to go to the toilet. However the various claims made were denied by local producer and former Malta Film Commissioner Engelbert Grech.

“Malta prides itself on high-quality film productions and the Commission will take any steps necessary to make sure that the interest of all those working in the film industry is safeguarded,” the Film Commissioner Johann Grech said in his reaction to the report.

Migrants of African origin, the majority of whom are asylum seekers who live in Ħal Far, were recruited to work as extras on a comedy film by Italian director and comedian Checco Zalone. Two scenes are being filmed in Malta, one set in a prison and the other on boat.

Sources on set have said that conditions have improved, after reached out to the local producers. also visited the set on late Tuesday evening were it was shown around. This newsroom asked the local producer various questions about the claims that were made.