List of licensed masons published by BRO

The Building Regulation Office (BRO) has published a list of 600 licensed mason on its website. The move was welcomed by The Chamber of Architects on Sunday.

In a statement, the Chamber of Architects said that it has been asking for the publication of such list for many years, and each time it was told that it could not be published for data protection reasons.

It is expected that the BRO will not allow any works on sites where the mason is not on the list. The Code of the Police Laws stipulates that “It shall not be lawful to exercise the trade of mason without a licence…”, this the KTP explained means that the licence gives assurance to the owner of the site, the architect in charge of the project and society at large, that the mason is indeed qualified to carry out the work and has received appropriate training. KTP further quoted the law from which the responsibilities arising “are very clear”, it said.

The Chamber observed that the Civil Code places the onus for the structural integrity jointly on the architect and the contractor. It also urged BRO to implement the licensing and registration in accordance to the Building Regulations Act which places the obligation on the BRO to issue licences and registrations of masons, fire consultants, other consultants in the building industry, building contractors and tradespersons.

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