‘Let’s have conversations with customers, AI supports this’ – EBO.ai CEO

Credit: EBO.ai

EBO.ai’s CEO has said that the best way to deliver quality customer service is to build relationships with customers through having conversations with them.

During his keynote speech during a workshop entitled, ‘Improving Customer Service through AI-driven Innovation in Gaming,’ Dr Gege Gatt explained that the best way to develop these relationships was through using, ‘sophisticated AI-driven virtual assistants.’

The event brought together a number of key gaming executives at the Hilton Conference Centre in order to discuss the place of artificial intelligence in shaping the future of gaming.

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Alongside Dr Gatt’s contribution, EBO.ai’s Vice President for Product Marketing Dom Wolf, explained that AI could play a key role in providing support to human customer service personnel as well as enhancing the customer experience.

‘AI can add great value: from helping gaming institutions with customer onboarding, reducing the pressure on customer service teams by removing the need to repeatedly answer the same questions, and improving the AML funnel, to easing the regulatory burden and helping companies to distinguish themselves from the competition. Used in this way, AI can be truly transformational for a business, regardless of its size,’ Wolf explained.

The event also provided a panel discussion bringing together a number of high profile figures from gaming, to give their take on issues affecting the sector.

Those engaging were; Pier Massa, Director at Pilot.Lite Ventures and Managing Partner at M2 Business Frameworks; Russell Mifsud, KPMG Associate Director & Head of Gaming; Adam Warren, Managing Director, Greentube Malta and Dr Gege Gatt, CEO of EBO.ai.