June was the driest and hottest in decades

There was no rainfall or precipitation during the month of June, Malta’s Meteorologists have said.

According to their assessments for the past month, June 2019 is considered to be one of four Junes in the last seven decades not to have any precipitation fall on the Maltese archipelago.

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This is notwithstanding the heat.

The assessment states that June 2019 was recorded as the hottest in almost a century (1923).

They state that the Maltese islands saw an average temperature of 26.3°C, with the first major heat-wave taking place on the 8 – 10th June, with the peak temperature being 37.8% on the 9th.

Europe-wide, Malta faced the brunt of the heat with Europe only experiencing a 2°C increase above its average for this time of year.

Likewise, sea temperatures hit 22.5°C for Malta, one degree higher than normal.

As for hours of sunshine, it is recorded that there were almost 350 hours of sunshine across June, 22 hours greater than normal. The peak sunshine was recorded on June 3rd at 13.1 hours, the least being recorded at 7.4 on June 15th.