Jail term for Maximilian Ciantar

Maximilian Ciantar was sentenced to a year in jail after he had alleged that he was a brutalised by the Police whilst he was under arrest.

The Marsa resident is not a new face in Court. He had previously been accused of charges related to driving and is well-known for running over two girls in Attard back in 2010.

Magistrate Joe Mifsud sentenced Ciantar to the maximum allowed by law in such instances. The Court also criticised the prosecution for using the wrong data for one of the accusations, resulting in the dropping of the charges due to evidence mishandling. Another accusation had also to be dropped as proof of the accused identification was not attached to the copy of the sentence exhibited by the prosecution in relation to the accused having breached the conditions of a previous sentence.

The Magistrate mentioned how Ciantar was arrested in Qormi on the 28th of May 2018, as he was driving without a license as it had been confiscated per Court orders. The accused then tried to hurt himself whilst under arrest to give out the impressions that the Police beat him up. He also started shouting that he was being beaten up when the Police were putting him in their care and tried to break his wrist by twisting his hands whilst handcuffed.

Notwithstanding all this, he refused medical assistance when the Police noticed the bruising on his body during a body search, but agreed to have the bruising registered in his records.

The Court was satisfied that the Police did not exert much force when they arrested Ciantar even though he was not cooperating. However, it could not conclude that the accused had tampered with the evidence due to the prosecution’s mistake with the data, as it wrote September 2017 instead of May 2017.

Magistrate Joe Mifsud found Ciantar guilty of a fake report and said that the accused was so aware that he was lying that he refused medical assistance. The Court also noted that it was Ciantar who resisted violently to his arrest.