Gozo Minister says Xlendi parking project to start after Summer; does not divulge contractors

MGOZ - George Scerri

The Minister for Gozo Justyne Caruana has confirmed that works on parking at Xlendi, will be carried after the summer.

The Minister’s comments came in response to questions from two Gozitan National MPs who asked specific questions about the type of work being done in Xlendi.

Minister Caruana said that this project was being carried out using European funds and that the work was going according to schedule.

Nationalist MP Chris Said PN from Gozo asked in particular about the work in progress, from in terms of who are the contractors how are they being paid until now.

On the preparatory work, the Minister said that there were discussions with BirdLife Malta to enhance lighting to ensure they are more environmentally friendly and do not interfere with the birds. She added that there were further discussions taking place with the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) over the relocation of the trees, made under the direction of the Authority officials.

Last January, Newsbook.com.mt had revealed news of Xlendi’s parking regeneration plan would result in trees being removed in order to help expand parking.

The Minister did not respond directly about the appointment of contractors to this work or if public calls for tender had been made.

Work on the car-park begins after the summer

On the other hand, the Nationalist MP Kevin Cutajar asked about the mooring of boats. He said they are currently placed in the space reserved for vehicles and asked whether it is possible to put them elsewhere to make room for cars.

The Minister explained that work in Xlendi divided into three phases with the final phase involving the organisation of parking scheduled for after the summer.

She explained that the first phase involved the regeneration of boathouses and that it was almost completed. Meanwhile, the second phase includes the area where dry standing boats are stored and picked up from the sea. These works were still ongoing.