Flags instead of balloons at St George’s feast in Qormi


The Kumitat Festi Esterni San Ġorġ Martri was the first local feast committee to use commemorative flags instead of the usual balloons during their patron saint’s feast.

The Committee sent a letter to the known environmental activist Camilla Appelgren explaining that the flags were handed out freely to all those who attended the feast of St George the Martyr this year, and how such can be reused in the coming years. The letter also explained how flags are made from materials that impact the environment less negatively than the usual balloons.

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Posted by Cami Appelgren on Monday, June 24, 2019

Camilla Appelgren had previously discussed the issue of single use plastic such as balloons and their negative impact on the environment with the committee who from their end pledged that they will do their best to find an alternative, and so they did.