EU Annual inflation stable at 1.2%

The annual inflation for the month of June is expected to sit at 1.2%, Eurostat reports.

The European Union’s statistical office reports that this is stable compared to inflation in May.

According to the figures, services, food, alcohol and tobacco are estimated to have an annual rate of 1.6% in June; however, taking into consideration there was an estimate increase of 0.6 in services from May.

Another important factor is energy. The figures show there was a 4% decrease across April to May, with an estimated 1% increase in June. Energy excluded from all items, this accounted for 898.7% in total.

Maltese Food is more expensive than 18 other european countries

Earlier this month, Malta’s National Statistics Office also reported on the annual inflation rates of Maltese food compared to other European countries.

According to their latest assessments, Food prices recorded an almost 5% increase in annual inflation rates in the month of May (4.82%), almost twice the recorded increase seen in housing (2.44%).

Maltese food prices reach highest annual inflation rate in May 2019

Food prices were also nearly three times higher than results for Beverages and Tobacco (1.28%) and Transport and Communications (1.72%).

Conversely, Clothing and Footwear registered the lowest level of annual inflation at minus 1.61%. However, in terms of monthly inflation rates, this group registered a 3.16% increase in May, considerably higher than the monthly increase across all recorded sectors.