EP should ensure that Von Der Leyen’s promises are carried out – Cutajar

Josianne CUTAJAR in the EP in Strasbourg

MEP Josianne Cutajar has said that after the European Parliament approved the appointment of Ursula Von Der Leyen as President of the European Commission, the EP must now ensure that what she has been promised must be carried out.

Among the proposals Von Der Leyen committed the Commission to included the introduction of a reasonable minimum wage in each European member state. Other promises were those related to the long term strategy for environmental protection, the Green Deal.

Cutajar also said that she had sent a written statement in the EP about the need for a Commissioner for Children. VDL had mentioned protection of children’s rights during her speech. The MEP also said she will continue supporting EuroChild’s suggestion of having a commissioner specifically for kids. Cutajar also stated that Von Der Leyen should lead the European Union towards the ratification of the Istanbul Convention on violence against women.

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The Gozo MEP also expressed satisfaction at Von Der Leyen’s first meeting with the Socialists and Democrats group. She said that Leyen has demonstrated greater commitment to a social and progressive agenda and a social vision for Europe closer to its people