Zero tolerance for occupational mistreatment of migrants – MEA


The Malta Employers’ Association (MEA) has called for strict law enforcement on any proven cases involving discrimination and inhumane treatment of migrants, including refugees and asylum seekers in workplaces, both by co-workers and also by employers. 

This statement was issued following a spate of reported cases of illegal practices and abuses in some companies in Malta.

“These employees need to be treated with dignity and respect, with identical conditions of employment as others doing similar work”, MEA insisted. 

The Association said that there can be absolutely no justification in treating these people differently in any way than others, and that the law should protect them from any exploitation or infringement of their rights.

In August 2019, had revealed that migrants working as film extras on an Italian production shot at Rinella had been subjected to maltreatment, with one of the migrants ending up urinating over himself after not being allowed to go on a toilet break. Sources who spoke to this newsroom said that migrants were subjected to long hours waiting in the scorching sun without access to food and water.