Żebbuġ residents to discuss proposed 11-storey tower

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Żebbuġ residents will be meeting on Wednesday evening to discuss the proposed 11-storey tower in Mdina Road.

The owners of Michael Debono Ltd are proposing an 11-storey commercial and office tower instead of the Toyota showroom.

The application, PA/01821/19, was published in the Government Gazzette on 6 March, and the public may submit their representations until 5 April.

The meeting aims to explain the residents in attendance what is known up to now and to find a suitable way forward. Żebbuġ Local Council will also attend the meeting which will be held on 13 March at 7.00pm.

The project will include restaurants and retail outlets at ground floor, with the other nine floors dedicated to office space and a penthouse. It also includes a separate block on Siġġiewi Road, a supermarket at ground level, health and medical facilities and a residential institution.