Zammit Dimech endorses authority to support workers and businesses

MEP Francis Zammit Dimech has approved a new authority enforcing cross-border support and guidance to workers and businesses, according to a statement issued by the EPP Group in the European Parliament.

During a meeting of the Committee on Legal Affairs at the European Parliament, Zammit Dimech remarked that, “Working and doing businesses across Europe is a fundamental right of EU citizens and we need to ensure adequate support, and guidance is given to workers and businesses on their rights and obligations.”

Zammit Dimech said that effective and efficient enforcement of several free movement regulations remains problematic across the EU possibly due to insufficient cooperation. He said that the current bad practices were causing harm to businesses and placing workers at a disadvantage when in reality, free movement of people can bring substantial benefits to companies and the economy.

“The setting up of this authority is also relevant for Malta where we are seeing lack of long-term and proper planning and policy in terms of the sheer number of immigration of workers, well above the number of people moving out of the country, which is leading to abuses, detrimental living conditions, impact on other EU citizens including Maltese and unfair competition for businesses.”

Zammit Dimech emphasised the need of data protection, the importance of promoting work opportunities within the union for persons with disabilities and better cooperation between member states in terms of enforcement, as well as more transparency and reporting for the authority to be more accountable.