YWCA celebrates 15 years in Maltese Islands

YWCA (Young Women’s Christian Association) is celebrating 15 years since they started to operate on the Maltese Islands.

This NGO is a movement working towards female empowerment, leadership, and strengthening the rights of young women and girls in more than 100 countries.

Since the setup of YWCA in Malta, support has been given to women in the form of psychological and financial assistance.

YWCA & YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) has collaborated together on several
projects amongst which is the Psychotherapeutic Services whereby counseling and
psychotherapy are being given to the vulnerable sector. In 2020 we initiated a group titled ‘A Social Project: Singles & Friendship Group’, as a social gathering for individuals who feel lonely and would like to make friends and build relationships. In particular, it aimed to address the current pandemic which made both NGOs aware of loneliness issues many were facing.

For this special occasion, YWCA & YMCA will be holding a commemoration on Thursday 22nd October 2020 at the YWCA & YMCA Tree Project coordinated at Pembroke Park, Triq Burma c/w Triq Il-Fortizza to be addressed by the President of YWCA Dr Rebecca Dalli Gonzi, and the CEO of YMCA Anthony Camilleri.