Youths request a state of emergency on climate change


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Malta Youth Council asked Parliament to declare a state of state of emergency over climate change. This request was made on Wednesday on the occasion of this year’s National Youth Parliament that was organised by the Malta Youth Council.

Over two ‘parliamentary sessions’ the participants raised issues that varied from civic education, to equality, plastic usage and sustainable development.

The 13-18 year-old group which made their contribution in the morning session, focused on the themes of civic education, equality and single-use plastics. The themes were also the names of the three groups.

The afternoon session focused on the themes of the Maltese education system, the use of technology, sustainable development and artificial intelligence.

Deputy Speaker MP Claudette Buttigieg led the two sessions.

Parliamentary Secretary for Youth Clifton Grima and MPs David Agius, Ryan Callus, Rosianne Cutajar, Karl Gouder and Ivan Bartolo took part in the discussions.

From its end, Partit Nazzjonalista Team Start stated that it endorses the request to declare a state of emergency on climate change within Parliament.