Youth bites and assaults police sergeant

Photo: Archives

A police sergeant was assaulted while trying to control a man who was behaving in an aggressive manner.

At around 1.00am on Friday morning, the Police received a report that a 22-year-old man, a foreigner, was lingering outside a residence in Rabat. The police went on site and offered the man a lift home. He accepted; however, when they arrived at the man’s residence, he refused to get out of the car.

The man was taken to the Ħamrun police station, where police officers tried to explain why he was not allowed to linger in front of the Rabat residence.

The man willingly made his way back to the service car, and once again refused to get out of it. He was not cooperating and started acting aggressively. The police officers tried to get him out of the car, and it was at this point that the man bit the sergeant.

The man was arrested and taken to a Health Centre; however, he did not suffer any injuries. An ambulance took the sergeant to hospital and he was certified as having sustained slight injuries.