Youth attacks mother: “The parents are responsible” – Magistrate

An 18-year-old from San Ġwann was remanded in custody in the forensic unit within prison after being charged with causing minor injuries to his mother.

In court the Magistrate insisted that the parents are the responsible ones.

The young man is being accused of causing injuries to his mother with a hot and/or corrosive liquid or substance. It has been noted that he committed the act without intention of killing or putting his mother’s life in danger.

After taking into consideration the age of the accused, the fact that the accused had a clean conduct, that the alleged victim is his mother, the accused might suffer from behavioural problems and that these actions may have arose due to a dysfunctional family structure, the accused was remanded in custody in the forensic unit.

Due to the particular circumstances of the case the magistrate ordered the Corradino Correctional Facility to give the accused the required help in the form of social workers as well as Appoġġ.