Youth arrested after wielding baton in Paceville

A 21-year-old man was arrested after wielding a Police baton around Paceville, and for reacting aggressively when the Police asked him to hand it over.

The young man from San Ġwann was taken to court on Wednesday, where he was not granted bail due to pleading not guilty. The court did, however, ban publication of his name for “particular reasons” which would lead to his name being tarnished with third parties. The prosecution did not object.

Inspector Matthew Spagnol explained how Police Officers were doing their rounds in the streets of Paceville when an argument broke out between two young men in the early hours of Monday morning. the Police were then informed that one of the men was armed with a telescopic baton.

When they asked for the weapon, he allegedly resisted and slightly injured two of the Officers. this aggressive behavior also continued in hospital, after he was taken there for his own injuries.

The accused pleaded not guilty to resisting the Police, of putting other people’s lives in danger, of violently resisting arrest, of threatening and insulting Police, and that he was armed.

Magistrate Marseann Farrugia allowed the Defence to call for a medical expert to examine and take photos of the unjuries sustained by both the accused and the Police Officers.